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Holiday gift-athon seeking handlers..

winter_deaddrop is a weekly fic prompt community for the Burn Notice fandom

For 2010, it is also running a Holiday dropathon: a multi-media holiday exchange for the Burn Notice Fandom! If you love the show and love writing, drawing, fanmixing, maniping, or creating icons it, please stop by and submit your sign-up!

Details and wishlist posting: Here
Sign-up Period: Nov 1 - Nov 23
Mission assignment: Nov 24
Posting Due-Date: Dec 23 (BN season finale!)

30 Burn Notice icons (plus gifs)

HERE @ pretty_boxes 

Please do not hot link.
Credit the comm if you take. Thank you.

60 Burn Notice icons (season 1 and season 4)
8 Burn Notice Gifs

HERE @ pretty_boxes 

Please don't hotlink. Credit the comm if you take.


Does anyone have any Barry icons?

burn notice & multi-fandom

burn notice & multi-fandom
here @ danceof_flame

Season 3 Screencaps

TV Series: Burn Notice
Season: 3
Episodes: 3x01 – 3x16
Quality: DVD (1280x720)
Sample 1 || Sample 2 || Sample 3
Download Links: HERE || Gallery Link : HERE